EmmaLee Riley

EmmaLee Riley

Email: emmaleerileybooking@gmail.com

I’m EmmaLee. You’ve stumbled on a girl whose guiding principle is the complete rejection of the mundane, the everyday, the monotonous florescent glare that buries the  human spirit. My whole life I’ve been pulled to escape that. I love a mind that zigs and zags–that I can watch and delight in and learn from.

Think just how rare it is to gaze into another person’s eyes and feel your whole being awaken, like a light just went on. If I feel a connection with you, you’ll see my special talent for making your secret, innermost thoughts a living reality. I’ll be your guide to the other side.


Yours Truly,

EmmaLee Riley

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All new friends must be screened! Please be prepared to fill out a booking form requested by email.


Available for doubles with the lovely Freja Noir!


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