Freja Noir

Freja Noir


Hello, I’m Freja (F-r-ai-yah)

I was born and raised in South America, and was lucky enough to have been raised in a beautiful, coastal country with a culture of ‘pura vida’ (full of life). I was also very lucky to have been provided with the highest education growing up; I learned english fluently in just a year, and graduated school with high honors. I’m an artist by natue, and have always played with different mediums (I love to draw, collage and sew). A walk around central park after a visit to the museum is one of my ideal dates!

I am a worldly person, and a free spirit. I’ve seen a lot and learned a lot in my short life, and I have very high standards for myself and the life I want to live, and we all know that likes attracts likes. Therefore I seek to meet a few select gentlemen I can feel a true, passionate connection with.

I live my life to the fullest, and never hold back to that which I desire. In this short life, why should we? Let yourself be drawn to what you desire. If you desire me, write me a love letter. I may desire you too.