Joie Pleasurecrafter

Joie Pleasurecrafter


Hello strong men, responsible men, powerful men, intelligent men, confident men, sensual and affectionate men. Real men looking for a real woman.


Living in a fast paced, fast food, fakebook, impersonal world? Computers, cell phones, internet, tv, laptops, flat screen, big screen? Interacting with one device or another all day long?


I am not a device. I am real.


I want to connect with you on a most primitive level. Something that seems to be devalued in modern times. Two human beings in the moment, enjoying each other. No distractions.






I am a sensual, earthy, mature woman who revels in all the pleasures this wonderful life offers.


If what you have read above appeals to you, please contact me.



I am available for outcall in the Philadelphia/South NJ area as well as the Wilmington, Delaware area.

I also host incall several days each month alternating between Philadelphia and New Jersey.


Please send me an email if you would like more information.




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